March 20, 2020

Dear Valued AFR Client,

We would like to provide you an update since our last notification (see below). As of today, AFR has
systematically implemented our Pandemic Plan with a majority of our staff working remotely in
accordance with our plan. Our offices will continue to be staffed at a level that AFR feels will adhere to
the social distancing as recommended by the CDC. We are currently operating at full strength and will
continue to do so unless circumstances dictate otherwise. As a part of our plan, we are asking our clients
to use email whenever possible to communicate with us. That being said, our regular customer support
line 800.995.8667 Ext. 390 is always available to you as well as your account representative. Please
note if it is necessary to leave a voice message your call will be returned promptly.

For your convenience, we have added several other contacts as follows:

Flood Zone Determinations
Derik Pierson: 800.995.8667 x146
Ellen Kitzmiller: 800.995.8667 x168

AVM, Inspections and Tax services
Shannon Connery: 800.995.8667 x169
Doug Winkler: 800.995.8667 X108

Insurance Tracking and Lender Placed Insurance
Becky Ellis: 800.995.8667 x180
Ceji Worth: 800.995.8667 X182

Thank you for your business during these difficult times. We are prepared for events such as this and we
fully expect to meet all your needs as usual. We will continue to keep you updated.


AFR Services